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Farewell to 2014 and a Look Ahead!

Well, 2014 is pretty much in the rearview mirror and 2015 looms ahead. All in all,2014 has been a good year for gaming for me. Here are some of the highlights along with some plans for 2015.


SAGA marches on! I ran my first SAGA Tournament in September at HMGS-South’s Hurricon convention.

It was a great weekend. I was pleasantly surprised at all the interest that was shown in the game.



SAGA Tournament at Hurricon 2014
SAGA Tournament at Hurricon 2014

There will be two tournaments held this coming April at HMGS-South’s Recon convention. I also got Crescent and Cross which is the next rules book in the SAGA line. It covers the Crusades. I’m slowly building up a warband of Knight’s Templars. Fireforge makes some terrific plastic figures.


Haven’t really done much with BoB of late. Since my SAGA figures are single mounted, I will stat them up for BoB and have a good old fashioned game of “Pillage the Village”. I still have the stats for my German-American War: 1904 scenario.

Lots of new stuff coming up in 2015.

Happy New Year everyone!

Painting and Organizing: Part 2…”The Prussians Are Coming…The Prussians Are Coming!”

Imperial Prussian Feldkompanie in all of their Teutonic Glory. They are organized for the Soldiers Companion rules. The command figure are on slightly larger bases.

Okay…when I decided to organize my Imperial Prussian forces, I wanted to use their historical organization. The Imperial Prussian Army’s basic building block was the infantry battalion of approximately 1,000 men divided into four companies of 250 men each. Why such big companies? Well, according to my sources, it was because the larger companies could more readily absorb combat losses and keep fighting.
Since I have a large collection of early WWI figures already painted up, it was no problem fielding a full strength Imperial Prussian Feldkompanie. Here they are in all their Teutonic Glory!

They are mostly Battle Honours figures with a couple of Pulp Figures as well as a Paroom Station miniature as the company commander.  After I paint up a few command figures, I should have enough soldiers to form up a second Feldkompanie! Let the Kaiser’s enemies beware!