Konflikt 47: Battle of Valmont Introduction


Two weeks from this Saturday, I will be running a Konflict 47 game at Hurricon 2018 and Kiddimee Florida. The battle is called the Battle of Valmont and takes placs. in September of 1947 between the Germans and the Americans. World War II is still going on with all sorts of interesting additions. If you are interested in the detailed background I will refer you to Warlord Games who publish the book as part of their Bolt Action line of World War II rules.

The game is intended to be a demo game to acquaint players with the world of conflict 47. As a result the game has actually evolved or devolved some would say yeah into a tank battle with Max yeah work. Yeah were going to have the funnies out there and why not. It’s easy to do doesn’t take very long and it can show everybody how the game basically works when you add in the infantry especially the Nazi zombies ( I mean after all what weird war two-game would be a weird war two-game without them). It can get really fun.

There will be American combat walkers

And German Panzer Mechs

20180915_184522 My goal is to have fun and teach people this really cool game. More will be coming soon. Until then have fun and play games!


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