Month: July 2018


This is a test. It’s working. Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Yay

Okay it looks like the Skirmish Line is probably going to be back in business. So here are a couple of updates on stuff I’ve been doing.

Konflikt 47: that’s right, Konflikt 47 or K 47 as its also known. A year or so ago, I would have been the last person on earth to think that I would’ve gotten into something like K 47 but I have. I used to play bolt action first addition. That did not go so well to say the least. I wound up disliking the game. But then an interesting thing happened, warlord games brought out a second addition of bolt action. I heard that it was very good and much improved over the first edition so I got a copy and guess what I liked it. The rules had been changed improved modified and a lot of my complaints seemingly were answered and so it was like okay this looks like it be all right.

Then, I began to take notice of K 47. At first, I was skeptical. It seemed like just another giant stomping robot game set in World War II. But since I liked weird war to I figured I’d at least look at the core rulebook. I’m glad I did the background is well written and makes sense the stories good the meta-plot had some very good historical feel to it. I liked it so I decided to go all in.

The second deciding factor were the models themselves. K 47’s diesel punk aesthetic is very well realized the American combat walkers actually look like something Detroit would’ve turned out during the war there really do the powered armor infantry yeah it looks pretty cool I was very happy with it they looked good and would make a really nice display on the table.

So I was hooked. Now I’ve got both American and German forces. As soon as I can figure out how to upload photos from my iPhone I’ll be more than happy to post some stuff here.

SAGA: Secong Edition SAGA is coming right along. I’ve just finished a six point Viking war band and am now working on Norman’s for the horseman in me. If anything, I like the second edition better than the first and I love the first. So all goes well there.

Well that about covers this brief update. The new software works. Hopefully I will be motivated to make more posts.

Play games and have fun.