“Fast Away The Old Year Passes…”

It most certainly does. This Friday will be December 1. This year seems to have gone whizzing past in some respects while in others the days just dwindled. Right now I’m in the process of cleaning and rearranging or the other way around my man cave/workspace. I haven’t been doing any painting of laid simply because I’ve been busy getting everything into decent shape. Given the fact that I was a bachelor for most of my adult life my house keeping flu is at times lacking. So what am I going to do when I get everything straightened up? Glad you asked.

There are several projects that I wish to work on a number of which are simply finishing the things I’ve started and kind of left fall by the side yes I am one of those people. My wife, on the other hand, is an expert craftswoman who finishes most all of her projects. A fact she has reminded me of. Well, here are some of the things that I am looking forward to trying to finish in 2018.

Team Yankee West Germans I’ve been building this force for a while and have gotten gotten it pretty formidable as far as I’m concerned my main problem however is learning how to use it effectively. I’m going to finish off my 100 points force and go find somebody to play against. I’ll probably wind up rebuilding my Warsaw Pact Soviets just so I can have both sides of the argument.

Sabre Squadron: This is my favorite alternate to Team Yankee. Granted Sabre Squadron is more complex but by the same token it’s not tied to a Army list/point system like team Yankee is. I look forward to working with these rules and running some scenarios and just seeing in general how well they work. All I’ll still be playing team Yankee make no mistake about that but it’s just nice to have an alternate set of rules to fall back on.

Saga 2.0: There is a new addition of saga that is scheduled to arrive in early 2018. After having read about the changes in it, I can’t wait. It looks to be an improvement on an already great game. Yes, I’m an unrepentant saga fan boy. I really enjoy it especially now that I’ve got my late Imperial Roman war band ready to go.

Well, these are three of the projects I will be working on in 2018. There are others as well that I will be blogging about as time and inspiration direct to me. Until then take care and have happy holidays.

Have fun play games!

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