Month: December 2016

Yet Another Year End Special

Well, it’s that time of year again when I have my year-end special blog post which is me explaining and promising that really I will do better in the coming year. Well I’m not gonna do that I will however tell you that I wish to increase my media footprint and that I will try my best to do so.

2016 was a year of ups and downs. As far as gaming goes it was pretty good year. It was mostly ups. I got into a new gaming era. I now own Team Yankee from Battlefront Games and its supplement Leopard 2 also from Battlefront Games. Team Yankee is styled as the cold war goes hot in the 1980s. Well, in real life it almost did a couple of times in fact. So not only did I buy the rulebooks I also bought the 15 mm models to go with it I now have a West German kampfgruppe and and am building a Soviet tank force.


I’ve also been busy getting back into SAGA. I will be discussing that in a future blog post. Lion Rampant also rumbles along quite well thank you as well as a new version of an old game Sharp Practice. I have Sharp Practice 2 and believe me it is a much improved version and I’m glad I got it.

Well that’s about it for the year-end closeout except of course for my lame ass promises of well I’m gonna post more maybe I will. Until then happy holidays . May 2017 bring you lots of good gaming!