Telling My SAGA… Part Two…My First Warband

Well, it is done…my first SAGA Warband…25 figures ready for action and they are:
What you see here is the heart and soul of the SAGA system: the Battle Board. Each faction (and there are 15 of them all together) has it’s own unique Battle Board. It’s what gives each faction it’s own unique tactical style. The factions are as follows: Viking, Anglo-Danish, Welsh, Norman, Bretons, Jomsvikings, Scots, Irish, Strathclyde Welsh, Anglo-Saxons, Norse-Gaels, Franks, Byzantines, Rus Princes and Pagan Rus. As you can see, there is quite a variety to choose from. There are also what are termed “Hired Swords” units that you can choose as well. You can field a Hero of the Viking Age as your Warlord if you so desire.
These are the dice that go with the Battleboard. The symbols on the dice match the symbols on the Battleboard. This is how you use the Battleboard. You roll a number of SAGA dice equal to the number of units plus two additional ones for your Warlord. The maximum number you are normally allowed to roll is six. Each die is then used to activate an ability. The situation changes from turn to turn and is a real challenge to your generalship.
Now, let’s have a look at the individual components that comprise my Anglo-Danish Warband.
The WarlordDSCN1354
This is Raedwulf. He is not only the Fearless Leader of the Warband, he is also the only metal figure in the bunch. The rest are plastic. They are a mixture of Gripping Beast’s Saxon Thegns Box and Dark Ages Warriors Box. I highly recommend both along with their Viking Hirdmen box as well. Excellent figures at a reasonable price.
The Hearthguard :
Next up are the Hearthguard. These are the Warlords personal troops and his best fighters. In the Anglo-Danish warband, they are referred to as Huscarls.

As you can see, they are also equipped with chainmail and helmet. There are two units of four figures each.
The Warriors
Also known as Ceorls, these are the rank and file of my warband. These were smaller landowners who could afford the basics of shield and spear. They were generally well trained. The front ranks consisted of the wealthier landowners who could also afford a helmet and a sword.
Also in the works is a 12 figure unit of levy archers (Geburs) and another Huscarl unit armed with two handed Dane axes. As for my next Warband, it will either be Vikings/Jomsvikings or Capetian Franks.
Play Games and Have Fun!

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