Stepping Back Up!

Whoa…it’s been a while since I’ve stepped up to the Skirmish Line. Many things have happened since my last post a lot of which have nothing to do with wargaming. Now on to the wargaming stuff.
I’ve picked up a set of new skirmish rules along the way.
The first is In Her Majesty’s Name which is a set of Steampunk skirmish rules from Osprey Publishing. For those of you not familiar with Osprey, they are a longtime publisher(founded in 1969) of military history guidebooks. They have several different series out including Men-At-Arms, Elite, and several others that all relate to military history topics.They beautifully illustrated with full color plates of the subject under discussion. Check them out at
The rules themselves are a easy to learn and play. Unlike other rules sets, IHMN is not tied to a specific line of miniatures. I’ll be reviewing these rules in more depth in a later post.
So yes, I’ve stepped up to the Skirmish Line again.

Play Games and Have Fun!

2 thoughts on “Stepping Back Up!

  1. Hi Frank, I don’t have any other way to contact you so hope you don’t mind that I’m trying here. Your friend (and my boyfriend), John Heuertz, has been trying to contact you. If you are interested in talking with him please email me at so I can give you his email address and phone number. Thank you 🙂


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