Month: October 2013

Stepping Back Up!

Whoa…it’s been a while since I’ve stepped up to the Skirmish Line. Many things have happened since my last post a lot of which have nothing to do with wargaming. Now on to the wargaming stuff.
I’ve picked up a set of new skirmish rules along the way.
The first is In Her Majesty’s Name which is a set of Steampunk skirmish rules from Osprey Publishing. For those of you not familiar with Osprey, they are a longtime publisher(founded in 1969) of military history guidebooks. They have several different series out including Men-At-Arms, Elite, and several others that all relate to military history topics.They beautifully illustrated with full color plates of the subject under discussion. Check them out at
The rules themselves are a easy to learn and play. Unlike other rules sets, IHMN is not tied to a specific line of miniatures. I’ll be reviewing these rules in more depth in a later post.
So yes, I’ve stepped up to the Skirmish Line again.

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