Well, It’s Done!

Okay, after much moving of boxes and stuff. I have finally got my wargames table set up. It is 6′ long by 5′ wide. I would like to go into exquisite detail about all of the work I put into building it but in truth it is just a couple of heavy duty folding tables laid out side by side with an old green drop cloth over them. I have other drop cloths and a bunch of scenery and of course many soldiers and vehicles.
So here it is.
Gaming Table 001

The case under the table is one of my figure cases that I use to tote my stuff. I plan on ultimately storing my scenery under the table.

Gaming Table 002
Another view…I still can’t get over the fact that I now actually have a garage…first one I’ve ever owned in my life.

Gaming Table 003

And of course next to scenery, soldiers, rules, and such the most important gaming accessory…The Refrigerator!

Gaming Table 004

I’m hoping that this will be the scene of many different and exciting battles.

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