Day: April 24, 2013

Brink of Battle IV: Call Out The Guard—Send In The Marines!

In the last post on Brink of Battle, I said that I would develop an American Battleforce to counter the German Invaders. Well in this case, you all will get two for the price of one as it were. We’re going to create two different battleforces to illustrate to other types of troop organization.
We’ll start with The Horde. Once again we will have 525 points to use as we are using a theme which gives us a 25 SP bonus to our base 500. In this case, the theme is a US National Guard Unit that has been called out to stop the Germans. As a side note, the Army National Guard was established in 1903 by absorbing the various State Volunteer units so it fits with our overall theme of “Invasion: 1905”.
The Horde has a minimum of 7 figures up to a maximum of 20. There is 1 commander, 0-1 veteran, and 6+ troopers. The Commander is built using up to 25% of the available points. If a Veteran is included then they get up to 20% and the Troopers take the 55+% of the remaining points.
This squad is built with the concept of the old Veteran commander and everyone else is a fairly green Trooper. It looks like this
National Guard (507 SP’s)
Corporal Edson Wainwright Commander 87 SP’s
Ratings: Combat 4, Command: 5, Constitution 4
Traits: Command, Old Soldier, Marksman +1
Gear: Rifle, Bayonet, Rucksack, Tactical Harness

PVTS Anderson, Bowman, Carriger, Dennis, Fritzlar, Funston, Heldern, Jones, Langford, Muncie
Ratings Combat 2, Command 4, Constitution 3
Traits: None
Gear Same as Corporal Wainwright
There are a total of 11 men in this force which is a standard full strength squad for this time period. They are led by a veteran NCO. The Troopers are green (CMBT 2) but they are motivated because they’re defending their homes and are in reasonable physical shape.
The next American Battleforce we’ll create is a small unit of United States Marines. We’ll use the Elite Force Organization for them. Once again we’ll start with 525 Supply Points.
The Elite Force get 1 Commander who can be built with up to 30% of the Supply Points, 2 or more Veterans who get up to at least 50% of the available point and 0-3 Troopers who can be built with 20% of the points. The unit has a minimum of 3 figures up to a maximum of 10.
United States Marines (516 SP’s)
Sergeant James Grant( Commander) (148 SP’s)
Ratings: Combat 6, Command 7, Constitution 6
Traits: Command, Belay Order, Marksman +3
Gear: Rifle, Bayonet, Rucksack, Tactical Harness, Extra Ammo (+3)

Private John Benson (Veteran) (127 SP’s)
Ratings: Combat 6, Command 6, Constitution 6
Traits: Command, Marksman +3
Gear: Same as Sergeant Grant

Private Charles Evans (Veteran) (120 SP’s)
Ratings: Combat 6, Command 5, Constitution 5
Traits: Marksman +3, Sharpshooter
Gear: Same as Sergeant Grant

Private Edward Richards (Veteran) (126 SP’s)
Ratings: Combat 6, Command 5, Constitution 6
Traits: Marksman +3, Burly
Gear: Same as Sergeant Grant
These are some tough hombres. They’ve seen action in China (1900), the Phillipines and the Spanish American War. What they lack in numbers they make up for in proficiency. As an added historical touch,the names of the Marines are taken from the roster of the USS Baltimore’s Marine Detachment at the Battle of Manila Bay.
Overall, this is the most labor intensive if you will part of the game. Once you get the hang of genning up a Battleforce the easier it becomes. I found it to be fun and challenging.
With the forces drawn up, all that is left now is to send them into the heat of battle. Probably start with the Brandenburgers taking on the National Guard. Until then…
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