Month: December 2012

Some Projects for 2013…More Invasions of Florida and Other Things!

After having survived the Apocalypse, I can now look forward to working on several gaming projects for 2013. I hope to be able to run these at the various upcoming conventions. So with out futher ado here they are.
American Civil War (28mm):
With the publication of The Sword and Secession, I now have a set of ACW skirmish that I am very familiar with. I still have a few figures left to paint mainly some more command figures and artillery crewmen but these shouldn’t take that long.
So the epic battles battles between the invading 43rd Pennsylvania (the Fighting Yinzers) and the 12th Florida should be coming to a gaming table soon.

The German Invasion of Florida Steampunk Style. (28mm)
I have run this battle several times already and each time everyone had a good time. This time there will be some serious VSF/Steampunk elements with the Germans having a pair of dampfpanzers (steam tanks) as well as a pair of steam powered tracked machine gun carriers. There will also be a detachment of the infamous “Reicheisenwachtruppen” (Imperial Iron Guard Troops) in their armor along with their Gauss rifles.
The Americans will have the 1st US Steam Cavalry as well as a rather impressive steam tank of their own. If I can get them done in time, there will also be a unit of the United States Aero-Rifle Regiment. Should be fun.
Those are my two big projects but there are several other things in the works. Among them are 6mm Franco-Prussian War for Volley and Bayonet and 28mm Marlburian War and Dark Ages projects.
Oh and I most definitely have not forgotten Mars!