The Sword and the Flame/The Sword and Secession

Things are settling down here in Gainesville. I’ve already got one project in the final stages of completion. It is 28mm American Civil War skirmishing. I’ve got a copy of “The Sword and Secession” which is the ACW variant of “The Sword and the Flame”.
For those of you not familiar with TSATF, it is a set of rules for Colonial era skirmish gaming. It first came out in 1979 and has been going strong ever since. I have used the basic rules for everything from French and Indian Wars to the German Invasion of Florida in 1905. It is probably the closest thing that the wargaming hobby has to a universal language. So it was with great delight that I read that a Civil War variant was coming out. I received my copy a few weeks ago and found that it was just what I was looking for.
Now don’t get me wrong…I have several other sets of skirmish rules that I like as well but TSATF has always been my “go to” set especially for convention games. It is easy to learn and easy to modify for various periods. These rules are available at .
In terms of forces, I have the following:
4 x 18-20 figure Infantry units for each side
2 x Gun sections for each side.
I hope to be able to have a 12 figure cavalry unit for each side completed by the time the convention season comes along. I also have plenty of scenery and buildings…provided I can remember which boxes they’re packed in.
Should be a lot of fun to game.

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