A New Headquarters!

I know that it has been a while since I last posted anything. Well, I’ve had other things happening in my life. Very wonderful and important things.
On August 25th, Mame Wood and I were married. That’s right…this old soldier got married. Mame is the most wonderful woman I have ever met . Marrying her is the smartest thing I have ever done.
Secondly, we closed on a beautiful house in Gainesville yesterday. We’ll be spending the next couple of months or so moving all of our stuff in. Plenty of room for gaming!
Now you may ask what does this have to do with gaming? Well…everything! I have been blessed with a companion/wife who is really interested in my hobby. So much so that she is having me teach her how to paint miniatures. Mame has also played DnD and has already regaled me with stories of her female half-orc cleric. She is looking forward to playing in my RPG adventures.
In short, my friends, I’m not married to a “Gaming Widow” but rather a beautiful, intelligent woman who games!
Gonna be a whole lot of fun!

2 thoughts on “A New Headquarters!

  1. Mame, you are in for a treat. As a fellow girl gamer, I can say that Frank’s adventures rank in the most memorable I’ve ever played.


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