Steampunk Skirmishing: The Invasion of Tampa Bay Part 2

Why Tampa Bay?

In the last post, I wrote about the real world German plan to invade the US. The initial landing site would either be Bar Harbor, Maine or Long Bay, South Carolina (near Myrtle Beach). So why am I having the Dreaded Hun land in Tampa Bay? Well, since I plan on running this game at at least one local convention why not have the Germans land here. It gives the game a good local flavor. Part of the defending force will be several units from the 1st Florida Volunteer Infantry. Also included is a battery of artillery. I designated the battery as the Hillsborough Light Artillery. The volunteer units sport such names as the Ybor City Rifle Volunteers and the Tampa Home Guard. Now, the units have names that reflect the local heritage.
There are some really interesting locations in the Bay Area as well. My favorite, by far, is Cockroach Bay. It is located on the eastern shore of lower Tampa Bay. There is also a Cockroach Creek as well. Hmmmm! The Battle of Cockroach Creek: Where Once the Embattled Crackers Stood… I like the sound of that.

One thought on “Steampunk Skirmishing: The Invasion of Tampa Bay Part 2

  1. Hey Frank, dont forget about the guns of Ft Desoto. If I remember that was still an active fortification at the time you are setting the game, or just recently mothballed. it wouldn’t have taken long to get it back and functioning. Just saying.


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