Mars…World of Adventure!

Welcome to the Red Planet! This is a map of Mars in the world of Space:1889. I have been adventuring on this world since GDW first released this game in 1989.

Mars as envisioned by Frank Chadwick for the Space:1889 Role-Playing Game.

Geographically, it is dry dusty old world that is filled with the ruins of a once great civilization. Along the canals, you can see the locations of the various city states that are home to the Canal Martians. The green areas are the old sea beds while the brown are the uplands. The mountains are home to the savage Beast Men while the great steppes and deserts are claimed by the Hill Martians.

Humans first arrived on Mars in 1870 when Thomas Edison and Jack Armstrong made the voyage in Edison’s new Aether Flyer. By 1889, several of Earth’s Great Powers had staked claims to parts of Mars with the British Empire holding the largest part followed closely by King Leopold of Belgium. Japan, Russia, Germany, and France are also on Mars leading to what at times can be a very volatile situation.

So…Welcome to Mars! Check your expedition’s supplies…hire a trustworthy guide…and prepare for a Steampunk adventure.

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