Month: July 2012

Painting and Organizing: Part 2…”The Prussians Are Coming…The Prussians Are Coming!”

Imperial Prussian Feldkompanie in all of their Teutonic Glory. They are organized for the Soldiers Companion rules. The command figure are on slightly larger bases.

Okay…when I decided to organize my Imperial Prussian forces, I wanted to use their historical organization. The Imperial Prussian Army’s basic building block was the infantry battalion of approximately 1,000 men divided into four companies of 250 men each. Why such big companies? Well, according to my sources, it was because the larger companies could more readily absorb combat losses and keep fighting.
Since I have a large collection of early WWI figures already painted up, it was no problem fielding a full strength Imperial Prussian Feldkompanie. Here they are in all their Teutonic Glory!

They are mostly Battle Honours figures with a couple of Pulp Figures as well as a Paroom Station miniature as the company commander.  After I paint up a few command figures, I should have enough soldiers to form up a second Feldkompanie! Let the Kaiser’s enemies beware!

Painting and Organizing and Such…Pt 1

Well, now that I am off to Mars as it were, it’s time to get the troops painted and organized. I’m choosing a 1:10 figure to actual troops ratio. I am going to organize them according to the “Soldiers Companion” by Frank Chadwick. This is a fine set of rules for company level skirmish gaming that was first published in August of 1989.
The units themselves are organized into 20 figure infantry companies and cavalry squadrons and 3 gun artillery batteries. That would make each cavalry and infantry unit equal to 200 men (or Martians). The only exception to this were the Americans who were organized in 10 figure units which equaled 100 men. This was the standard size for an American infantry company. However, it was also the standard size for a British company as well. To this day, I am still not clear on why the US was singled out in this manner. However, I decided to go ahead and use the actual company strengths for the infantry companies of various nationalities.
So now, the British, the US, and the French will all have 12 figure companies. The Germans, however, can field a company that is double that number(24). It will certainly look most impressive on the battlefield. I leave the Canal Martians at 20 figure companies. Well, enough of the paper pushing as it were…here’s what’s on the work table

Here is the first figure. This is a Canal Martian Legionary Officer. Along with his traditional sword, he also carries a modern revolver made on Earth. The light blue color is the color of the Oenotrian Empire’s 15th Legion.
Martian Colonial Infantry NCO. This could also be an Infantry NCO from the Tossian Empire…and it probably will be.
A stalwart British officer. He’s actually wearing the 1908 issue uniform and gear but hey, this is Space:1889 so things should be a little more modern. 
And of course the Colour Sergeant.
Some of the “lads” as well. 

Well, I think that will do it for now. Stay tuned for Part 2 in which the Germans rear their ugly heads!

Mars…World of Adventure!

Welcome to the Red Planet! This is a map of Mars in the world of Space:1889. I have been adventuring on this world since GDW first released this game in 1989.

Mars as envisioned by Frank Chadwick for the Space:1889 Role-Playing Game.

Geographically, it is dry dusty old world that is filled with the ruins of a once great civilization. Along the canals, you can see the locations of the various city states that are home to the Canal Martians. The green areas are the old sea beds while the brown are the uplands. The mountains are home to the savage Beast Men while the great steppes and deserts are claimed by the Hill Martians.

Humans first arrived on Mars in 1870 when Thomas Edison and Jack Armstrong made the voyage in Edison’s new Aether Flyer. By 1889, several of Earth’s Great Powers had staked claims to parts of Mars with the British Empire holding the largest part followed closely by King Leopold of Belgium. Japan, Russia, Germany, and France are also on Mars leading to what at times can be a very volatile situation.

So…Welcome to Mars! Check your expedition’s supplies…hire a trustworthy guide…and prepare for a Steampunk adventure.

Off To Mars (and Gainesville as well)!

This is just a brief post to let everyone know that I am in the middle of some seriously exciting changes in my life.
First of all, I’m in the process of buying a house in Gainesville, Florida. That is eating up a lot of my time.
Secondly, I’m getting married…Yep, that’s right…this old gaming bachelor has finally found the right woman…she’s incredible and wonderful and she likes gaming. Her name is Mame and she currently resides outside of Gainesville. That explains why I’m getting a house and moving.
As for Mars, I am a long time fan of Space:1889. I have just about everything that was ever written for it including a really great set of skirmish rules called The Soldiers Companion. With Steampunk becoming more and more popular, Space:1889 is enjoying a resurgence. Part of this resurgence is a new set of Skirmish rules called Mars Needs Steam. I have a playtest copy and I can tell you that they are really good. So, it’s time to head back to the Red Planet!
See you there!