What Do I Collect ?

I chose this title rather than “What Period Do I Like Game In” because quite frankly I like them all. I’ll play anything. Like I said before, I enjoy the experience of gaming. So, the more relevant question should be what periods do I have collections in? I’ll narrow it down even further by limiting it to those collections that I currently game with.
Steampunk/VSF: As you can tell from the pictures I posted in an earlier entry, I’m a great fan of Steampunk/Victorian Science Fiction. The German figures are mostly from Battle Honors Early WWI line (www.oldglory15s.com) while the Americans are from Old Glory’s Spanish-American War line (www.oldgloryminiatures.com). The rules that I use are the classic “The Sword and The Flame”. These rules have been around for 33 years and are indeed a classic. They can also be adapted for a variety of periods. They are my go to rules set for whatever skirmish battle I wish to fight. They can be found at http://www.sergeants3.com and are well worth the investment.
I also collect and game the American Civil War. The vast majority of my tabletop forces are from Sash and Sabre Miniatures.

I cannot, however, take credit for the fine paint job. That was done for my by Reinforcements By Post. It is an excellent painting service located in Chittagong, Bangladesh. I recommend them highly. The figures shown are Union Zouaves. The Confederates are just as well done.
Finally, WWII Skirmish gaming. My forces are for Northwest Europe from D-Day onward. My favorite campaign in the time frame is the Battle of the Bulge.
Here you see a panzer recon patrol from the Panzer Lehr Division probing through the snowy forests getting ready to engage the Americans. The rules that I use are Iron Ivan’s Disposable Heroes. http://www.ironivangames.com These are an excellent set of rules for platoon level engagements. Recently, they’ve also come out with Disposable Heroes: Point Blank. I highly recommend these rules. I served as a playtester for them. I’m even mentioned in the credits. (even though Keith left the R out of my last name) 🙂
As for future projects, they include 6mm Franco-Prussian War, 28mm Mexican Revolution, and some more additions to my Steampunk/VSF collection including Canal Martian Infantry from the Space: 1889 universe.
Until next time…Have Fun…Play Games!

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